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We get it – not everyone is comfortable delivering talks at conferences. That’s fine. But even for those that are, it’s sometimes tricky to come up with a topic you feel is going to be interesting and useful.

That’s what this page is for! Let us know what you’d like to see covered at X World on the form at the bottom of this page. We’ll post the details here, and put the word out to see if we can interest any speakers in taking up your request.

See something here that you want to present? Make a submission via the CFP.

Here are a few requests that were received in 2017 that weren’t taken up by speakers.

Workshop Request
Title AutoPkg Recipes for Beginners
Detail Walkthrough of how to setup a git account, create and maintain AutoPkg recipes for software that doesn’t already have a recipe maintained by someone else. No assumed prior knowledge of git. Can assume prior use of Munki/AutoPkg/AutoPkgr to use other peoples recipes in your repo.
Duration Around 2 hours.
Presentation Request
Title Networking Fundamentals
Detail A basic introduction to networking covering the OSI Layer model, TCP/IP and some WiFi standards and best practices. The goal would be to help fill in the gaps for attendees who have had no formal training in networking, but interact with these technologies on a day to day basis.
Duration 45 minutes (suggestion)

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