Moving the Boundaries of Reality – Bringing Augmented Reality to a Theatre (or room, or street, or garden) Near You

Stephen Atherton, Bond University Part of CW17

In 2016 “Pokemon Go” not only grabbed the attention of the public and the press – it injected a new life into a mature yet quickly evolving technology. In June this year Appleā€™s ARkit was released and it has hit the reset buton by empowered developers to head in new directions and do so with a minimum of development effort.

This session will look at the evolution of AR by showing examples of work that has been done in multiple disciplines from various universities. A number of AR Apps will be demonstrated. The talk will review the literature and examine the efficacy of AR as a teaching tool.

Stephen Atherton is currently working with Bond University in Australia around technology enhanced learning. Prior to that he consulted in the educational technology space in Europe and Australasia based in his modest S.W. French HQ. His particular focus remains upon mobile learning and competency based education.

After a number of years at the University of Queensland, Stephen joined Apple Australia for the long haul (16 years) as the National Development Executive, Higher Education. In this role he engaged with the tertiary sector in Australia and New Zealand around collaborative research and teaching projects, consulting, and the professional development of tertiary education staff.

Stephen has never lost the focus on the educational impact of technology that he discovered in his original career as a classroom teacher. Despite his passion for technology he is often heard chanting his mantra (care of Prof Di Laurillard) “if you put technology first, learning comes second!”

He is a member of a number of educational computing associations in the U.K. and Australia.