X World and /dev/world Wrap Up

Last week we held our first face-to-face event since September 2019. It’s hard to believe that three and a half years have passed since /dev/world 2019, but it was a delight to be able to bring everyone together again.

This event was notable for a few firsts:

  • it was the first time we’ve held an event in partnership with Seek
  • it was the first time we’ve held X World and /dev/world at the same time, as separate tracks at the one event
  • it was the first time we’ve run X World in Melbourne
  • it was the first time where health and safety had to be front and centre in the planning and execution of the event

Overall, we’re extremely happy with the results. The two outstanding keynotes and 25 community sessions across the two days of the event were very well received by all attendees.

The facilities at Seek were first class, and our contacts there were a delight to work with. We sincerely hope that we are able to work with Seek again in the future – their support for community events is commendable. Special thanks are due to James Corcoran, Stephanie Symeou, and Matthew Gregory for making us feel welcome, and being so accommodating of our needs.

The Mac Admins Podcast team recorded a live episode immediately following X World, and interviewed a number of people involved in the organisation of the event, and some of the speakers. You can listen here.

Thanks are also due to many people, including:

  • Tom Bridge and Tim Oliver for their engaging keynote sessions
  • James White and Marcus Ransom for running each track, including introducing speakers, and managing Q&A from the audience
  • all of our speakers, some of whom travelled great distances to be with us
  • Jon Manning and Matthew Gregory for AV and session recording (session videos will start to appear here and on our Youtube channel soon)
  • Our outstanding organising team and blind proposal reviewers, including Mars Buttfield-Addison, Jon Manning, Tim Nugent, Paris Buttfield-Addison, James White, Tony Gray, Josh Deprez, and Ross Bennetts

And last, and most importantly, our sincere thanks are due to all of our attendees. We were thrilled that everyone took our Covid-safe plan seriously. Mask wearing is not popular, but Covid-19 is still with us, and wearing a mask is a way to show other attendees that you’re not only considering your own health – you’re considering the health of everyone else.

We’re looking forward to more face-to-face events in the future. Please check back here from time to time for updates.

Announcing our /dev/world and X World Keynotes

Tim OliverIf you’ve been to /dev/world before, you’ll probably know Tim Oliver, who’s been a strong contributor to our community for many years. In Tim’s own words, he’s “been a fanboy of iOS since the iPhone 3G and a fanboy of /dev/world since 2010”.

Tim has considerable experience working as an iOS developer at a number of large technology companies, and is currently working as an iOS engineer at Instagram. Long-lived apps at such large companies often present different challenges than what indie developers might expect. With thousands of engineers contributing code over the years, how does a newcomer to the company even begin to understand any of this?

In his keynote session, Tim will present a top down look at how they develop new features for the Instagram app for iOS, including the sort of architectures and patterns that are used in the code, and how the codebase is maintained to keep build times down.

Tom Bridge

Those in the MacAdmins community know Tom Bridge well – he’s a producer (and host) of the Mac Admins Podcast, and more recently has helped to establish the Mac Admins Foundation which he also co-chairs. Attendees of X World may also remember Tom’s visit in 2019, where he presented a workshop (along with Chris Dawe) on the Fundamentals of Wi-Fi.

Tom is a regular speaker at the Penn State Mac Admins Conference, Mac Admin & Developer UK Conference, MacTech Conference, and has also given talks at MacDevOps YVR and MacDeploy conferences.

In his keynote, Tom will tackle the challenges we face working in a world where Apple is creating a new operating system every year, with new APIs, new versions of Swift and Xcode, and is pushing admins and developers to adopt them immediately. How do we stay sane when everything’s moving so fast all at once? Tom will provide you with frameworks to help deal with an ever-changing world, building cycles of resiliency in your code and in your adoption cycles.

Learn more about /dev/world »   Learn more about X World »

/dev/world and X World Event Registrations Open

We’ll be announcing our first session speakers in the next few days, but if you’re eager, you can now register for our combined /dev/world and X World event on March 30/31, 2023 in Melbourne.

Ticket prices are $100 for students, and there’s a $500 early-bird rate for those who register in the next few weeks.

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Announcing the Return of /dev/world and X World!

After a long Covid-induced hiatus, two of Australia’s longest-running conferences for learners, users, developers, and supporters of Apple platforms make a triumphant return to Melbourne on March 30-31!

/dev/world returns in its thirteenth year, and X World returns in its eighteenth year. Both will be co-hosted as a single event in 2023.

The call for participation is open now for both events – please visit the event pages above for more information, and please check back with us soon as we add more information about this exciting event.

Save The Date…

We’re thrilled to confirm that /dev/world and X World will return March 30 —March 31, in Melbourne. We’ll have lots more to say about this soon, but for the moment, be sure to save the date – we can’t wait to see you again soon! Happy Holidays!

Between Worlds Issue 1 Deadline Extension

Some of you have asked for a longer lead-time to submit topic proposals for the first issue of Between Worlds. We’re happy to oblige, and have extended the deadline to August 1, 2022. (And if you miss that, any later submissions will automatically be considered for the second issue).

Click the Between Worlds graphic on the right to learn more, and to submit your proposal.

AUC Between Worlds Call for Participation

We’re really excited to announce the AUC’s new Between Worlds series, providing a new avenue for community members to share their experience and expertise between and beyond our existing “world” events, which have been on hiatus since early 2020 due to COVID-19. While we do intend to return to face-to-face events when it’s safe to do so, we’ve created Between Worlds as a new way to share experiences with Apple’s platforms in learning contexts.

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New Membership Options

The AUC has recently broadened its membership options for organisations. Eligible organisations must have a physical presence in Australia or New Zealand, and can now include:

  • universities or any of their organisational units
  • secondary or senior secondary schools
  • TAFE colleges
  • similar not-for-profit educational institutions
  • public not-for-profit cultural institutions including libraries, museums, and galleries

Organisational memberships have three different pricing tiers, depending on the organisation’s size, and soon we’ll be offering free Associate Memberships for staff and students of organisational members.

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Updated AUC Policies

The AUC updates its operating and other policies from time to time, and is transparent about when that happens. In line with changes to our membership model, and an update to our Operating Policies ratified by our members at the March 2022 AGM, all of our policies have recently been updated.

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Introducing our first EveryWorld Keynote Speakers

max schleserWe’re excited to announce that our first keynote speakers for EveryWorld will be Stuart ‘Sutu’ Campbell and Max Schleser.

Stuart is a pioneering VR Filmmaker and has developed a strong international reputation working with Marvel, Google and Disney.

Max is a Senior Lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology and researches Immersive Media and Creative Arts 4.0 with a focus on Cinematic VR and interactive filmmaking.

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