Using Webhooks to Automate your Deployment

Daniel Maclaughlin, Jamf Professional Services Engineer Part of XW18

This presentation will cover using PHP and Webhooks to automate data population from a csv.

A very minimal amount of scripting knowledge will be required as we go through creating a server from start to finish.

Attendees will gain some insight to the flexibility and power of PHP and Webhooks.

Daniel is a Professional Services Engineer with Jamf responsible for delivering jumpstarts and expanded services for the APAC region for all manner of organisations. This is his 3rd time presenting at X World and his 10th year in the industry and in the past three years has traveled over 900,000kms – thats more than a trip to the moon and back. Come see how he can show you some solutions for your organisation.

CreateWorld Announced for 2018

CreateWorld, our 3 day performance, presentation, and professional development event, specifically for academic, teachers, and technical staff who use Apple technology in the education and digital arts disciplines will return to Griffith University’s Brisbane South Bank campus from 28-30 November, 2018. Check back soon for more announcements, including the opening of the call for participation.

Apple Classroom 2.2 – It Just Works

Stu McDonald & Damian Cavanagh, Education Advantage Part of XW18

Apple’s Classroom has been with us since iOS 9.3, but there are still many educators yet to see it in action – and many admins yet to deploy it. Damo and Stu will perform a live demo of Classroom’s key features and discuss their benefits, and show how this free utility can extend teachers’ ability to create (easily supported!!!) transformative learning experiences with iPad.

Stu McDonald, Professional Services Specialist

Stu McDonaldStu grew up making and breaking things with technology. After working as a designer/illustrator for an agency in Surry Hills, Stu returned to the University of Newcastle, where he studied, to deliver design courses. He was quickly hired to look after the Mac fleet and provide creative technology support to students and staff. Basically, he’s a huge nerd who’s passionate about technology, creativity, and education. And toasted sandwiches.

Damian Cavanagh, Development Specialist

Damian CavanaghAs the son of two teachers, Damo’s always done what he can for the kids. After time in youth media as a presenter on Melbourne’s SYN and Triple R and then nationally on Triple J, and years working for kids’ welfare non-profit Berry Street, he found himself in London working at an Apple Store seven years ago. Realising he could easily combine his inherent geekiness and passion for all things youth-related, he’s been in education technology since.

Introduction to Apple Configurator

Arek Dreyer Part of XW18

This is an introduction to Apple Configurator, designed for the person who is new to Apple Configurator 2 but comfortable with Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Apple Configurator makes it easy to deploy iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple TV devices in your school or business.

This three hour hands-on workshop focuses on using Apple Configurator 2 to facilitate getting your iOS devices enroled (or enrolled as I might say) in your MDM solution.

In this workshop you will use Apple Configurator on your own Mac, and you will use your own test iOS device that you can wipe and erase.

To use Apple Configurator, version 2.7, you must bring your own Mac with:

  • macOS 10.12.5 or later
  • iTunes 12.7.2 or later

You will provisionally add your test iOS device to either:

  • my Apple Business Manager
  • your organization’s Apple School Manager or Device Enrollment Program (DEP) if you have appropriate credentials

You must bring your own iOS device that:

  • has iOS 11 or later
  • is not already managed by Apple School Manager or DEP
  • you can wipe and erase

If you have access to beta versions of iOS that you would like to use, download the beta ipsw file for your device in advance (because I can’t redistribute beta software to you).

Because educational organizations might not have access to a test iOS device that’s not already managed by Apple School Manager, we will have some additional test iOS devices available to lend to participants.

In preparation for this workshop, delegates will need to bring your own Macintosh laptop running macOS 10.12.5 or later and iTunes 12.7.2 or later, and preferably your own iOS test device running iOS 11 or later that you can wipe and erase.

CIS: The Next Generation

Katie English, Jamf Professional Services Part of XW18

The Center for Internet Security maintains objective, consensus-driven security guidelines for macOS. Learn how to use these benchmarks (and build your own) in Jamf Pro via open-source scripts, policies, and profiles to audit and remediate your own Mac fleet.

Katie was a Mac admin in higher education for 14 years before joining Jamf, where she’s put half a million miles in the air to help hundreds of admins build thousands of solutions. She is currently the Director of Jamf’s Professional Services team, but still remembers how to be a nerd (she promises).

Jamf Product and Services – the Highlight Reel

Katie English, Jamf Professional Services Part of XW18

It’s been an exciting year for Jamf! This session will take a brief tour through the product highlights of the past year, and get a look at what the future holds.

We’ll also go tackle some of the biggest challenges for Jamf’s Professional Services team, and demonstrate tools we’ve built along the way.

Katie was a Mac admin in higher education for 14 years before joining Jamf, where she’s put half a million miles in the air to help hundreds of admins build thousands of solutions. She is currently the Director of Jamf’s Professional Services team, but still remembers how to be a nerd (she promises).

Introduction to Apple Device Management

Justin Krisko & Vasko Kirovski, Jamf Part of XW18

Perfect for those new to managing Apple devices, this workshop will explain the concepts of MDM, what it can do, and what you need to know. Learn how to quickly deploy devices using Apple’s deployment programs, configure settings, and push out apps for both iOS and macOS. Enrol and manage your own test devices and see it working yourself. This workshop will be lead by local Jamf engineers – no sales pitch!

In preparation for this workshop, delegates should bring a test device running the latest version of either High Sierra or iOS11.

Profile Manager and Networking Security

Joseph Bazzano, I.T Wiz Australia Part of XW18

In complex school networks apple devices have led to many challengers especially with apple traffic. Pushing out applications to 500 iPads throughout the day even with Apple Cache enabled has many times caused high congestion on our main internet connection. My solution was to use a network security device such as the Endian Firewall to route Apple traffic through an alternative internet link to ease congestion.

  • Apple Configurator 2
  • Installation and basic configuring of Apple Server
  • Profile Manager installation and configuration
  • Basic Device Enrolment and new features
  • Allowing Apple traffic through the Endian Firewall and web filter
  • Apple internet traffic routing using the Endian Firewall
  • Analysing apple traffic on the Endian

In preparation for this workshop, delegates should bring a laptop (8G RAM, i5 CPU Minimum) with OSX High Sierra in a virtual machine or as a host with OSX Server downloaded but not installed or configured, a portable hard disk, and one or two test devices to enrol.

Joe has worked as an I.T professional for over 10 years in both business and educational environments. He has a solid background in both Windows and Apple server environments and has worked in many Magic Triangle environments over the years. Joe has a passion with regards to Apple server technology and network security.

Filling the Gap

Duncan McCracken, Mondada Pty Ltd Part of XW18

Sometimes what you want simply doesn’t exist… or it may not exist in the form you want it to.

This is the technical story of how something was created to fill a need, then grew far beyond that. From the planning through to initial release, all decisions, roadblocks, start-overs, headaches, and celebrations.

Not to mention a few technical tips along the way.

Duncan is the Technical Director of Mondada Pty Ltd, an organisation leading the way in creating installation packages for macOS deployment solutions.

With over 20 years working with Apple and associated products Duncan as a consultant and has worked with some of the leading integration companies at home in Australia and around the world. He is known for his willingness to adapt to new playing fields through embracing different technologies, and his knack for creating modular, re-usable solutions.

Duncan has spoken at various Apple-centric conferences around the world, including MacSysAdmin and MacWorld.

Securing your Local Admin account with Password Randomisation

Bart Reardon, CSIRO Part of XW18

Creating a known local admin account across all managed devices is a common way to ensure that when the worst happens, you have a way to service a clients Mac.

Whether its 10 or 1000 devices though, keeping track of local admin passwords can be problematic and the usual outcome is all machine have the same account name and the same password, creating a security problem if the password were to ever be leaked out and an administrative problem changing passwords on all your managed devices to something else.

Microsoft introduced the concept of the Local Administrator Password Solution, or LAPS for Active Directory bound Windows workstations. Individual randomised local administrator passwords for each device, stored in a secure location.

This session will explain how LAPS works in general and introduce some open source tools to achieve the same outcome for macOS for AD environments and other managed systems.

Bart has worked for the CSIRO in their IT department for over 16 years and is based in Canberra.

Bart currently works for CSIRO’s desktop infrastructure team and leads development for the Mac and Linux Desktop SOE’s and manages 900 macOS workstations using Munki and other open source tools.

He has contributed to Munki and macOSLAPS open source projects.