Seeding Equipment

Please note that we no longer maintain a seeding equipment pool. This page remains purely for historical purposes.

We maintain a small pool of seeding equipment that allows University staff to evaluate current Apple and Apple-related equipment.  Items from the pool are available for short term loan only (normally a maximum of 2 weeks) and are not intended to be used for commercial purposes.

Requests for pool equipment are normally served in a the order that they are received, but at times pool items are reserved for AUC events (such as workshops, conferences, or other training events).

We regret that, due to customs and shipping regulations, this seeding equipment can only be shipped to Australian addresses.

iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + 3G)

We currently have 5 iPad 2’s available for short-term loan.

These devices are the Wi-Fi + 3G model with 16G of RAM.  If you wish to use the 3G functionality, you must provide your own micro-SIM (prepaid micro-SIMs are inexpensive, and  are readily available from most Australian carriers).

If you want to use these iPads for software development and testing purposes you will need to have a paid iOS Developer account from Apple.

Each iPad 2 loan Kit consists of:

  • 1 x iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + 3G 16GB)
  • 1 x iPad 2 Smart Cover
  • 1 x USB Dock Connector Cable
  • 1 x iPad Power Adapter with Australian Plug
  • 1 x iPad AV HDMI Cable
  • 1 x iPad Camera Connection Kit

Each iPad also includes a number of demonstration media files including Apps, Movies, Music, Podcasts and Books. If you sync the iPad with your local machine these demo files will be deleted and you can install your own.

iPod touch

We currently have two iPod touch kits available for short term loan.

Each kit includes 20 iPod touch units, making them ideal for evaluation and testing with small classes of students.

If you want to use these iPod touches for software development and testing purposes you will need to have a paid iOS Developer account from Apple.

Each iPod touch Kit consists of:

  • 20 x iPod touchs (32GB)
  • 3 x USB Power Adapters
  • 3 x USB Cables

For health reasons, we are unable to supply earphones with these devices, however the iPods have a basic built in speaker which is adequate for most uses.

Loan Forms

In order to borrow items from the loan pool, the borrower must download the relevant loan agreement, sign it (or arrange to have it signed), and return it to the AUC.  The loan agreement may only be signed by an officer of the University authorised to sign such documents.

The borrowing University is responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment whilst in their care and is responsible for all transport costs associated with returning the equipment.  We stongly encourage the use of Australia Post 5KG Express Post bags when returning iPads, as these accomodate the iPad box and facilitate quick turn-arounds.

iPad 2 Loan Agreement (PDF)

iPod touch Kit Loan Agreement (PDF)