About the SDS Program

Please note that we do not currently run a Student Developer Scholarship program. This page remains purely for historical purposes.

The Student Developer Scholarships program is aimed at Australia’s top student developers. Each year, we seeking up to two students who have a talent for, and demonstrated experience in programming on Mac OS X or iOS, a strong academic record, and an innovative project idea that doesn’t reinvent the wheel. This is a golden opportunity for top-tier student developers to further their development skills and produce a great software product.


Scholarship recipients will receive the following:

  • The loan of an Apple MacBook Pro for the duration of the scholarship;
  • A 1-year Apple Developer Program Membership, renewable subject to acceptable progress;
  • A standard AUC student scholarship to attend the AUC /dev/world/ Conference in 2012;
  • At Apple’s sole discretion, the possibility of participating in the Apple USA internship program in Cupertino, USA, with AUC backing;
  • Subject to acceptable progress attendance at the AUC DevWorld Conference in 2013.

Selection Criteria

The selection panel will consider the following selection criteria when reviewing applications:

  • The student’s development experience and capacity to undertake and complete the proposed project.
  • The students level of thinking behind the project in terms of feasibility, scope and planning.
  • The student’s academic record.
  • The nature of the proposed project in terms of novelty, utility, and its relationship to the goals and values of the AUC.
  • The student’s interest in and ability to communicate their passion for Apple technology.
  • The students commitment to contribute to the broader AUC community.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Neither Apple nor the AUC solicit any claim on copyright or intellectual property of projects produced by recipients of the Student Developer Scholarship Program (but note that the AUC reserves the right to publish any of the required reports).

Terms & Conditions

The AUC Student Developer Scholarship program is offered under the following terms and conditions:

  • The recipient is at least 18 years of age.
  • The recipient is an enrolled student at an AUC member University, is undertaking at least a 75% full-time study workload, and has provided documentary evidence of this (i.e. current academic record).
  • The Scholarship period is from the date of acceptance until the 31st December 2013 and that if a recipient ceases to be an enrolled student at an AUC member University the Scholarship may be withdrawn.
  • The recipient obtains appropriate travel insurance when traveling under the Scholarship Program.
  • There is no known impediment to traveling to the USA as part of the Scholarship Program.
  • Support for the Scholarship is funding and resources only, and attendance at any AUC events (including but not limited to the AUC /dev/world Conference) is at the recipients own risk and as a private individual.
  • All equipment and resources supplied as part of the Scholarship are for the exclusive use of the recipient as part of the Scholarship Program and the AUC retains ownership at all times. Equipment will be returned to the AUC when the Scholarship comes to an end, but the AUC at its sole discretion may extend the loan of equipment
  • The recipient is required to submit 6-monthly reports on the progress of their project. Such reports may be published by the AUC on its web site or in any AUC publication.
  • Some components of the prize bundle (for example, conferences, and Internship support) are time-sensitive, and must be taken when offered, or forfeited.
  • Support for attendance at conferences and similar events will be under conditions and funding arrangements similar to those offered in our other student scholarship programs and will be subject to the AUC’s usual policies.
  • Disputes arising in relation to the Scholarship provisions will be dealt with fairly by the Chair of the AUC or his/her nominee, and any decision made by the Chair in relation to that dispute will be final.
  • The Scholarship may be terminated by the Chair of the AUC at any time, for reasonable cause.

Timeline for 2012

Applications open: 21 February
Applications close: 23 March (5.00pm Sydney time)
Assessment & Interviews: 26 March – 6 April
Applicants notified: 13 April
First report called: TBA
Second report called: TBA
Third report called: TBA
Fourth report called: TBA


To apply for a Student Developer Scholarship you will need to undertake these steps:

1. Application Video (optional, but preferred)

Produce a short video (maximum 5 minutes duration) introducing yourself, describing your development experience and passion for MacOS development, and outlining the project you propose to undertake should you be awarded a scholarship.

  • the video should be no larger that 50 megabytes when compressed, and should not be greater than about 320×240 pixels
  • the video is a chance to introduce yourself, and tell the committee about your experience and passion for MacOS development – just you talking to the camera is fine – we don’t require, or even want, a marketing or promotional video
  • upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo or a similar video-sharing site, or host it as a Quicktime movie (.mov) on any site you have storage rights on – do not email the video to the AUC
  • if you are unable to produce and upload such a video, there are fields on the application form where you can provide more information about yourself and your proposed project

2. Application Form (mandatory)

All applicants will need to complete a web based application form.

  • you will need to provide a link to the video as part of the application form
  • you will need to provide a PDF based copy of your Academic Record as part of the application form

SDS Application Form