WWDC Scholarships – Getting Started

Please note that we no longer run a WWDC Scholarship program. This page remains purely for historical purposes.

The WWDC scholarship program is the largest program run each year by the AUC.

WWDC is Apple’s annual conference for MacOS and iOS developers, currently held in San Francisco, USA. Over 5000 people gather each year to the learn about Apple’s latest tools, technology and techniques. Conference attendance is extremely valuable for those who develop for the MacOS & iOS platforms as it gives them an opportunity to interact directly with Apple engineers and also provide feedback to Apple for future improvements.

You can find more information about WWDC at Apple’s Developer web site.

In 2012 all Staff Scholarship winners will need to purchase their own ticket directly from Apple when they become available. Students will need to apply for a Student E-Ticket directly to Apple. Applicants agree that we are running this program in good faith, and in the event that they unable to secure tickets, their scholarship will be cancelled and the AUC will be under no obligation to compensate any applicant for any loss incurred in relation to this program.

Before You Start

If you’re interested in applying for a WWDC scholarship, read the following sections of this site first:

Applying for a Scholarship

Once you have read about the scholarship program, if you feel you are eligible, and satisfy the selection criteria, visit the online Application Forms page to apply for the appropriate scholarship.  Staff applying for the competitive scholarship should also apply for an allocated scholarship if their institution has been granted one (this gives you a second chance, in case your competitive bid is not successful).

Once your application submitted, sit tight and wait for the selection process to conclude.  In the meantime, you may consider registering as an Apple Developer (if you haven’t already) and watch the 2011 WWDC session videos released by Apple.

Do not, under any circumstances, book any travel or register for WWDC in anticipation of being awarded a scholarship.  However, ensuring that you have a valid passport at this point may save delays, embarrassment and possible withdrawal of a scholarship later.

Winning a Scholarship

If you are selected to receive one of the scholarships, we’ll sign you up to our WWDC mailing list, and the next stage of your journey will begin.  At this point, you should:

Before you Leave

Before you leave to attend WWDC work your way through this check list and ensure:

  • you have your passport (valid for at least 6 months) and visa (if required);
  • you have tickets for WWDC (e-ticket), flights, hotel confirmation, etc.;
  • you have enough money for your stay, either in travellers cheque’s or accessible electronically;
  • you have one or more credit cards which won’t expire while in the US;
  • you have packed appropriate clothes and toiletries;
  • you have copies of important documents. Leave one set with a relative or friend and keep another one in a separate place to your real documents;
  • you have registered at http://www.smartraveller.gov.au/ or http://www.safetravel.govt.nz/ and check important travel advisories.

After the Conference

With the conference behind you, don’t forget to:

  • complete your post-WWDC scholarship survey (this will be provided post the event)
  • collect your invoices and other document to submit your claim form
  • prepare and deliver a report on campus in conjunction with your local AUCDF coordindator
  • seriously consider at least one other way to give something back to the AUC (such as a talk at /dev/world or X World, or commit to producing something that can be shared on the AUC web site)