Now You’re Thinking with Signals!­ A Reactive Cocoa Adventure

Jeames Bone, Outware MobilePart of DW15

“Functional Reactive Programming (FRP)”. This is the story of a programmer’s journey from being utterly terrified of those three words to riding along side them into daily battle with Xcode and the beast that is Cocoa. FRP can be an amazing tool for creating code that is readable, re-usable and all around less spaghettified. It can be tricky to know where to start, and it’s difficult to fathom the true power of the paradigm even for the most seasoned of functonauts. I hope to show a glimpse of what is possible using ReactiveCocoa in Swift, and explore how FRP can be applied to common problems coding in Cocoa.

Jeames Bone Jeames is a software engineer working on awesome iOS apps at Outware Mobile in Melbourne. His passions are programming and singing, often at the same time.