Membership of the AUC is available to both individuals and institutions. Renew

Membership Benefits

Becoming a member is a great way to show that you value and wish to support the continued operations of the AUC.

  • All members get to take part in AUC General Meetings, can vote on motions put forward at  those meetings, can stand for positions on the AUC Executive, and can vote in annual elections for positions on the AUC Executive.
  • All members get discounted attendance at AUC events, including /dev/world, X World and CreateWorld. For 2018, that discount is $250 off the standard ticket price.
  • Members who present full-length sessions or workshops at our “World” events receive an increased level of travel and accommodation support.
  • From 2018, members of 12 or more months standing who attend the Playgrounds conference in Melbourne will be eligible for a $200 reimbursement off their Playgrounds attendance cost. Some conditions apply, and this is capped at 15 members per year. Note that the Playgrounds conference is an independent event and not associated with the AUC. Update: The organiser of the Playgrounds conference has announced that it will not be held in 2018.
  • Individual members who deliver a presentation at an AUC event, and take part in at least one AUC General Meeting in the same calendar year (and as recorded in the minutes) will receive a 50% discount on their next annual membership fee.
  • Early access to online video content from our conferences.

Individual Membership

Individual membership is currently open to staff and students of degree-granting Universities based in Australia and New Zealand, as well as AUC Alumni – those who have contributed to AUC programs in the past, and wish to continue to play a role in the association.

Individual Membership Fees for 2018
Staff & Alumni $100
Students $50

Membership lasts 12 months, and falls due for renewal on the anniversary of the individual becoming a member.

For membership purposes, a student is a person undertaking for-credit university studies and carrying at least 50 per cent of a full-time load, and who is not employed by a university at a fraction greater than 50 per cent.

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Institutional Memberships

Institutional membership is currently open to degree-granting universities based in Australia and New Zealand. Membership is also available to smaller organisational units of qualifying universities – including faculties, departments, schools, and similarly-sized bodies.

Institutional Membership Fees for 2018
Entire Institution $1000
Department, Faculty, School or equivalent organisational unit $500

Membership lasts 12 months, and falls due for renewal on the anniversary of the institution becoming a member.

All staff who are employed by the institution or department on at least a 50% load are eligible for the membership benefits.

At the 2018 AGM elections, institutional representatives have a vote with the weight of 10 individual votes, and departmental representatives have a vote with the weight of 5 individual votes.

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