In the days that the AUC was a consortium (pre 2013), attendance at AUC events and meetings was often subsidised. Since the AUC has converted to an association, subsidies are no longer generally offered, and subsidy claims can only be made where subsidies have previously been offered in writing by the AUC Chair. Should a subsidy be offered, these guidelines outline what expenses we will cover, what we won’t, and how to make a claim.  All claims are on a receipted reimbursement basis.

Time Limit

Claims will only be accepted for expenses received within 3 months of an authorised event taking place. After the 3 month deadline no claims will be accepted. For example claims for an event taking place on February 1st will only be accepted up until May 1st.

Expense Types

Please note that where a subsidy is offered, it is not intended to cover all costs, and the maximum amount claimable, and any per-item limits, will be specified in the offer.

The following expenses are normally valid costs in a subsidy claim.

  • airfares
  • regional connections (such as connecting bus and/or train fares from regional cities to/from the airport of departure (eg Geelong-Melbourne, Wollongong/Newcastle-Sydney, etc)
  • accommodation

but subsidies will not normally cover the following expenses:

  • accommodation and travel outside the authorised days of the event,
  • incidentals and living expenses including meals, drinks, etc,
  • hotel phone calls, internet access, in-house movies, dry-cleaning, mini-bar, etc,
  • taxi cab fares to/from the point of departure or venue,
  • any component of travel and accommodation that is of a private nature,
  • per-diems of any kind (we only pay actual documented expenses),
  • car mileage allowances,
  • travel insurance,
  • all other expenses not wholly related to an AUC Event.

Tax Invoices

Claims for expenses in connection with Australia or New Zealand against a subsidy can only be made upon presentation of tax invoices showing a GST component. (Visit the ATO web site (PDF) or the NZ Inland Revenue site for more information on what constitutes a valid tax invoice).  Overseas expenses must be substantiated by receipts.

It is your responsibility to make sure you receive a proper tax invoice for claimable amounts.  Individual amounts under $50.00 do not require an official tax invoice but do require a receipt of some sort.

Making A Claim

Gather all your original tax invoices received for payments made. Make sure they relate only to expenses incurred while attending an AUC event. The claim form must be completed in full by either the person attending the event or, in the event that the person attending did so in their capacity as a staff member of an institutional member of the AUC, someone authorised by that institution to do so.

All claims are paid in AUD.  For claims from New Zealand, conversion from NZD to AUD is done based on the exchange rate available to the AUC from its bankers at the date upon which the AUC issues payment.

Download the Claim Form (PDF)

Send the claim form and attached documents to the following address:

AUC c/o Stephen Young
PO Box 484
CARLTON NORTH, Victoria 3054

or email them to as a single PDF file (including attachments) with the subject ‘AUC Claim’. Other file formats are not accepted via email.

Unless special arrangements have been negotiated, claim forms should only be sent after an event has occurred. We do not normally pay claims before an event.

Claims will be processed on a regular basis and you will receive payment in approx 2-3 weeks from date of submission. Incomplete or unsubstantiated claims will be delayed and/or returned until rectified.