COVID-Safe Plan

1. Introduction

The AUC has adopted a policy that requires that AUC in-person events have a COVID-safe plan approved by the AUC Executive. The plan must require compliance with the letter and spirit of the relevant law in force in Victoria, Australia, and must require or expect compliance with the letter and spirit of relevant measures recommended by the relevant authorities in Victoria.

This plan meets the requirements of that policy. Consistent with policy, the AUC Executive may, if it sees fit, change this plan at any time. The AUC executive does not intend to weaken this plan.

Compliance with this plan is required of all people attending the joint /dev/world and X World event in March 2023 in person, and non-compliance is a breach of the AUC’s Code of Conduct.

1.1 Definitions

A covid-safe measure is a constraint on behaviour intended to reduce COVID risks. Such measures may include acts (for example, the wearing of masks), omissions (for example, not attending the event if unwell), or both.

Require, in respect of a COVID-safe measure, means that compliance is a strict condition of entry to and participation in an event.

Expect, in respect of a COVID-safe measure, means that compliance is expected. Event organisers, and other attendees, will be disappointed with any participant who does not meet expectations, but the measure is not a strict condition of entry to and participation in the event.

Relevant authority authority means bodies and people recognised and respected as sources of public health advice on COVID within Victoria, Australia. Such authorities include government departments of health (however named), government Chief Health Officers or Chief Medical Officers or similar officers.

Ticket purchase is the point in time where you register for the event using the AUC website.

Badge collection is the point in time where you first arrive at the physical event.

2. Vaccination

The AUC requires attendees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and up to date with their doses, unless they hold an exemption recognised by the Victorian government. A condition of entry to the event is that at badge collection attendees will show written government-issued certification of either vaccination or exemption. This will be viewed by a member of the organisation team, but not retained.

3. Space

Attendees are expected to maintain, whenever possible, a distance of 1.5 metres from others. To facilitate that:

  • Registration numbers will be limited such that the venue, each indoor session space and any indoor space used for lunch, morning or afternoon tea or similar purposes, will not be occupied to more than fifty per cent of their normal capacity. Where normal capacity is unknown, the benchmark is two square metres per person.
  • Floor markings will be used to assist in spacing queues at the registration desk.
  • Venue seating will be managed to preserve 1.5 metre distancing.
  • If there is an indoor conference dinner, the venue selection criteria will include provision of at least two square metres per person.

4. Hygiene

All attendees are expected to wash or sanitise their hands frequently. Hands-free sanitiser dispensers will be provided at the entrance to every room. 

Surface spray and sanitiser foggers (aerosol sanitiser) will be used by the organising team on tables and other public surfaces between sessions. 

Attendees are expected to refrain from handshaking and any other customary gestures involving physical contact.

5. Masking

The AUC requires that everyone in attendance wears a mask. Mask wearing is mandatory during sessions, and throughout the event except for certain clearly marked areas.

You may briefly remove your mask in the marked areas, such as in the outdoor dining area when actively eating or drinking, or in the session rooms when presenting or participating in Q&A. Otherwise masks are expected at all times.

Attendees to required to wear N95, P2, KN95 or KF94 masks. These should be worn properly, covering the nostrils and mouth and with a good fit to the face.

Masks will be readily available at the event, at no charge. We will provide a mask at badge collection, and further masks will be available on request at the registration desk for the duration of the event.

6. Ventilation

Wherever possible, the organising team will prioritise ventilation of event spaces. Measures to ensure this include latching doors open, removing internal barriers, maximising turnover from HVAC or air conditioning systems, using indoor air purifiers, and using CO2 monitors as proxy reporting for ventilation levels. Other measures may be employed where deemed appropriate.

7. Illness

The AUC requires those who are unwell to refrain from attending the event. Particularly, people who meet the following criteria are asked to stay away:

  • Those who have COVID-like symptoms, or who have recently tested positive for COVID.
  • Those who are close contacts of people who have recently tested positive for COVID.
  • Those with any other reason to believe they have an infectious illness, COVID or otherwise.

If an attendee tests positive or looks visibly ill (in the judgement of the organising team) they will be required to leave the event.

Attendees will be provided with a RAT kit for each day of the event at badge collection, and further kits will be available on request at the registration desk for the duration of the event. Attendees are expected to proactively test with the provided RAT kit each day of the event.

8. Reporting

Attendees who test positive for COVID within the seven days following the event are expected to inform the organising team, in order that other attendees can be notified and adopt appropriate risk management. An anonymous reporting channel will be provided, and any notices to attendees will not identify attendees who report testing positive.

9. Consequences

As with any other violation of the AUC’s Code of Conduct, anyone who does not meet these requirements will not remain welcome at the event, and may not be welcome at future AUC events. The AUC reserves the right to deny registration for future events. Any person who is refused entry or ejected from the event for non-compliance with the requirements listed here will forfeit their registration fee and will not be eligible for a refund.

Any person with paid registration who is unable to attend because they fall ill, or meet any of the criteria listed in Section 7 will receive a full refund of the registration fee. A pro-rata refund may be provided when appropriate, such as if the person was asked to leave part way through the event because they appeared ill. Attendees are expected to have appropriate travel insurance in place to cover issues with transport and accommodation costs. Presenters’ subsidies will include a contribution to insurance costs

10. Approval

This plan was approved by the AUC Executive Council on January 31, 2023.