Xcode Workshops

Please note that this page is archived from 2012. We do not currently have any Xcode workshops planned.

We are pleased to offer 4 workshops in late July, early August on Xcode. The workshops will be delivered in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

Xcode is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that contains an amazing range of software development tools for developing OS X and iOS applications. Most users may not realise how much Xcode has on offer so this workshop aims to provide an in-depth overview of the tools enabling the best apps to be built.

Attendees will be given an introduction to the Xcode tools and then explore the various tools in depth during the two days to become an Xcode master.

The cost of the workshop is $100 for students and $200 for staff.

About the Xcode Workshop

The Xcode Training Workshop is designed for those who have had some programming experience and want to get the best out of the tools provided. It is aimed specifically at students who study computing science, computer engineering, information technology, mathematics, creative arts/design or related disciplines and/or have an interest in developing iOS and OS X applications. Staff from member Universities are also welcome to apply.

It is expected that those who attend will have some basic experience programming in languages such as Objective-C, C++, C, Java and have an understanding of object oriented programming concepts.

Laptops with the required software will be supplied for each attendee. Attendees are welcome to bring your own laptop as long as it is running Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) with the latest versions of the iOS SDK and Xcode installed.

What the workshop covers

The workshop will start with writing and building code, showing how to get the most out of source editor, graphical debugger and simulator, as well covering static analysis, unit testing and Source Code Management. We’ll will also touch upon building interfaces and storyboarding, as well as looking at the data model editor.

The second section will cover debugging and analysis, looking in-depth at finding and fixing memory leaks and performance problems.

The final section will cover testing and deployment, looking at introducing ways developers can share applications to testers, how to use the organiser to package applications and how to use iTunes Connect to publish to the iOS and Mac store.

Below is a summary of the workshop program:

  • Day One
    • Introduction to Xcode tools
    • Welcome to Xcode (Starting off, Navigating, Getting Help, Workspaces)
    • Writing Code (Source Editor, Graphical Debugger, Static Analysis, Unit Testing)
    • Building Interfaces (Storyboarding, UIElements)
    • Simulator (Devices)
  • Day Two
    • Data Model Editor
    • Source Code Management (Subversion, Version Editor, FileMerge)
    • Debugging and Analysis with Instruments (Debugging, Memory Leaks, Performance, Playback, Zombie Detection, Schemes)
    • Deployment (Organiser, Testing, Publishing iOS and Mac store)

Other tips, tricks, gestures and shortcuts..

Dates & Venue

The AUC Xcode Workshop will be at the following venues on these dates:

  • 3 – 4 August, Perth at Cliftons Training Centre
  • 10 – 11 August, Brisbane at Cliftons Training Centre
  • 17 – 18 August, Sydney at Cliftons Training Centre

Please note that the Melbourne workshop has been cancelled due to low registration numbers and the Brisbane workshop has been rescheduled for the 10-11 August (the original Melbourne dates).

Each day commences at 9:00am and will conclude at roughly 5:00pm

Those applying should apply to their nearest workshop as follows:

  • Brisbane – attendees from QLD, VIC, TAS, NT & NZ
  • Sydney – attendees from NSW, VIC, TAS, ACT & NZ
  • Perth – attendees from WA, SA & NT

Scholarship inclusions

The scholarship includes a subsidy for return economy airfares to your nearest venue and an accommodation subsidy for those who require it. The accommodation and airfare subsidy are outlined below.

Please note that all meals (including lunch each day), transfers (including taxis, buses, trains, etc) as well as all hotel incidentals are at your own cost.

We can NOT assist with organising flights or accommodation.

Accommodation subsidy

Recipients of the scholarship who require accommodation are entitled to up to $150 per per person per night for up to two nights (max AUD$300). Those attending from NZ are entitled to one extra nights accommodation (max AUD$450).

Those who live within the metropolitan area of the workshop are not entitled to an accommodation subsidy. (e.g. those who live in Melbourne are not entitled to any accommodation subsidy when attending the Melbourne workshop).

Airfare subsidy

Scholarship winners are entitled to a return economy airfare subsidy up to a maximum amount of AUD$400 to their nearest training venue. Those attending from NZ are entitled to an extra AUD$150 subsidy towards their airfare (max AUD$550).


Use WebJet or WotFlight to compare fares from all airlines.

Application process

To apply for a scholarship apply online by the 20th of July 2012. You will be required to place a deposit of $100 for students and $200 for staff to ensure your application is considered.

The selection panel will review all applications using the following criteria:

  • the candidate’s experiences in programming.
  • the candidate’s level of interest in developing for the platform
  • the candidate’s ability to clearly articulate how such a program will help in achieving specific goals.

Applicants will be notified as to the success of their application.  If your application is successful, you can book your flights and accommodation.

Should you not be successful in obtaining a place your deposit will be fully refunded. We appreciate circumstances change and as a consequence refunds will be permitted in accordance with the refund statement below.

To register as a student your should be enrolled in at least a 50% full time student load. Staff employed full-time or part-time by their University must register as staff.

Register for your nearest workshop:
Brisbane Sydney  Perth


Refund statement

We understand that situations change and as a consequence there may be a need to refund the workshop deposit. Refunds of the deposit will be granted in accordance to the following:

  1. If a candidate is not selected to participate in the program their deposit will be reimbursed fully within 7 days of being notified.
  2. Up until 21 days before the event successful candidates have the right to cancel their registration and attendance to this program and receive a full reimbursement of the deposit within 7 days of the AUC being notified.
  3. Any cancellations received less than 21 days before the event will NOT receive a refund of the deposit. The AUC however reserves the right to refund the deposit on the basis of documented medical or compassionate grounds on a case by case basis.


Claims for the travel and accommodation subsidies must be sent within 3 months of the workshop to the AUC.

Claims will not be accepted until after the workshop to confirm attendance. Under exceptional circumstances the AUC may provide reimbursements prior to the workshop commencing. You should contact the AUC Programs Manager if you require such an arrangement.

In order to make a claim you must attend each day of the workshop. Again we appreciate there may be exceptional circumstances and as such will consider exceptions on a case by case basis. You should contact the AUC Programs Manager if your circumstance during the event does not allow you to participate in the entire program.

Please download the claim form, complete and attach copies of original tax invoices and receipts. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your claim and payment will be made within the following 2-3 weeks.

Download the claim form (PDF)