About the WWDC Scholarships

Please note that we no longer run a WWDC Scholarship program. This page remains purely for historical purposes.

There are three types of scholarship on offer in 2012:

  • allocated staff scholarships (one each to half of the AUC member universities)
  • nationally competitive staff scholarships (15 available)
  • nationally competitive student scholarships (20 available)

To apply for a competitive scholarship, you must be a staff member or student of an AUC member university and have a background in programming (Mac, Unix or Windows). Applications for competitive scholarships will be assessed on merit in accordance with the selection criteria.

Selection requirements for allocated scholarships may be broader (eg., applications may be accepted from people working with QuickTime and digital media, or as an IT Manager with responsibility for Macintosh deployment or support on campus) – you should contact your local AUCDF co-ordinator for selection details.  Application forms for all three types of scholarship are available on the scholarship application page.

Subsidy Amounts

Successful scholarship applicants in 2012 will receive a financial subsidy to assist in covering the cost of:

  • WWDC E-Ticket (AUD$1549) for Staff Scholarship holders only.
  • Return economy airfares to San Francisco, USA from Australia or New Zealand
  • Return economy domestic airfares as required to the nearest international departure port in Australia or New Zealand.
  • Twin-share accommodation in San Francisco at the Courtyard Marriott for up to 7 days.

The scholarship is a subsidy only – it is not intended to cover the full cost of attending. Scholarship recipients are required to make up any shortfall in costs, either personally or through their University. The maximum amount of the subsidy is as follows:

Allocated Staff Scholarships Competitive Staff Scholarships Competitive Student Scholarships
AUD $4549 AUD $4549 AUD $3000

We will subsidise domestic flights for regional scholarship winners to their nearest international departure port. This amount is based on 21 day advance-purchase return economy airfares as published by Qantas. For those who can travel on a cheaper airline (such as VirginBlue or JetStar ) we encourage you to do so.

The AUC expects WWDC scholarship recipients to get to know each other and build collaborative relationships that will continue upon return to Australia, and is fostering this through a group booking at the Downtown Courtyard Marriott in San Francisco (on Second Street). In order to receive the full value of the scholarship subsidy, attendees must stay at the Downtown Courtyard Marriott at the AUC’s group rate. Scholarship recipients are free to choose other hotels, but should they do so the subsidy will be reduced by AUD$400.

Please note that all costs regarding your bookings for travel, accommodation and registration must be paid ‘up front’ by either the University or the individual. The AUC will reimburse the University or individual for their WWDC costs upon presentation of receipts and confirmation of attendance at the conference.

Staff will need to purchase their own ticket when they become available and the AUC will reimburse them to the cost of this as part of the Scholarship funding. Students need to apply to Apple for a Student Scholarship and get a ticket that way.

Important Dates

  • Applications open – 20 February, 2012
  • Applications close – 23 March, 2012
  • Competitive scholarships announced – 6 April, 2012
  • Allocated scholarships announced – 14 April, 2012
  • Accommodation Booking Closes – 16 May 2012
  • WWDC – 11-15 June 2012

Giving Back

WWDC Scholarships are extremely valuable, and scholarship winners are required to share the benefit of the scholarship upon their return, in a way that does not violate Apple’s Non-Discloure Agreement.

Such sharing must at a minimum include a local presentation on campus, arranged in conjunction with the local AUCDF coordinator.  In addition, it is expected that scholarship winners will offer to present a session at our /dev/world or X World events, or write one or two substantial pieces about software development to be published on the AUC web site.

Scholarship recipients will also be required to complete an online survey about their WWDC attendance and experience prior to submitting their subsidy claim.