Designing for Animation is Not as Hard as you Think

Stephanie Sharp, OdeceePart of DW15

App design is more than just static screens. Interaction and animation are important (and often overlooked) parts of the design process. We can use tools like Keynote to communicate and collaborate with both designers and clients. If you think Keynote is only for slides, this talk is for you too. We cover tips and best practices for adding animation to your apps. We’ll explore how Keynote can be used to design custom animations and communicate user interaction by building a weather app prototype from scratch. You’ll see how easy it can be to iterate on ideas and learn when and how to use animation to create a better user experience.

Stephanie SharpSteph is a mobile engineer at Odecee in Melbourne. She spends most of her time making iOS apps, talking about UX and trying to convince people of the awesomeness of prototyping. In her spare time, Steph is also interested in e-commerce and model trains.