Manage your State with Rigour, but Without Breaking a Sweat

Mark Aufflick, The High Technology BureauPart of DW15

Your code deals with asynchronous events all the time: UI, network, BLE, background processing, and more. State machines can help you reason with reality while making your code less fragile. In this session Mark looks at two types of state machines – Finite State Machines and Petri Nets – that help you write less code that is more self­-documenting and ready for change.

Mark AufflickMark is founder of The High Technology Bureau, a software development and process consultancy in Sydney. His consulting work spans finance, healthcare, real estate, social media and geological research. Mark is heavily involved in the iOS and Mac development community – he’s organiser of Sydney CocoaHeads, co-­chair of the YOW! Connected Program Committee, and co­-organised Swipe Conference.