The Art of Seduction: Looking Beyond Usability to Create an Enjoyable App Experience for your Users

Part of /dev/world/2015

Zac Fitz­Walter, Eat More Pixels

It’s one thing to make a usable App, but with so many on the Store, how do you make yours stand out and keep users engaged? This session takes you on a journey from usability to user experience (UX), presents techniques that can help improve the UX of your apps, and shares inspiring examples.

Zac Fitz-WalterZac recently completed a PhD on UX and gamification design for mobile apps, presented on the topic at a number of academic and industry venues and will soon be teaching a masters subject at QUT entitled “Gamification and Persuasive Design”. He runs and is a cofounder of Empathy Studio and Eat More Pixels, both of which will be releasing gamified apps later this year.