User Testing: Finding That One Thing Meatloaf Won’t do for Love

Nic Wittison, CanvaPart of DW15

In a world where every button is judged by how far away it sits from your thumb, how can we make sure our software is both useable and doing the things we want it to? Testing, testing and more testing is the answer. This talk explains the difference between qualitative and quantitative software testing methods and gives you an idea about which one is right for you (spoiler: it’s both). It gives an overview of how we conduct testing at Canva and briefly covers how to write testing scripts for your testers to run through.

Nic Wittison Nic has been writing mobile apps for the past 7 years and currently works as an iOS Engineer for Canva in Sydney. He enjoys video games, talking about UX, and singing along to musicals when he thinks no one else is listening.