Build a Better Hat Rack: All Contributions Welcome

Katie McLaughlinPart of DW15

More people contribute to open source software development than we currently know about. Let’s get their work noticed.

We have many ways of reporting and recognising our code contributions in open source projects, but often it is the work we do outside of code commits themselves that get forgotten and unattributed. Hours of code review, documentation, testing; organising of meetups, volunteering at conferences; even just brainstorming and talking about things – how many of these have you done without accreditation?

During this session, we will discuss what it means to contribute to open source projects, what constitutes a non-code contribution, steps we can take to recognise the work of our peers, and how projects can better encourage non-code participation through recognition and acknowledgement.

Katie McLaughlinKatie is a senior systems engineer, working to automate all the things. She has a history of enterprise software development and Windows system administration, but has been successfully converted to the ways of the penguin in recent years. When she’s not changing the world, she enjoys making tapestries, cooking and yelling at JavaScript and it’s attempts at global variables.