Introducing Realm: A Modern, Local Database Framework for Apps

Tim Oliver – Realm, IncPart of DW15

When it comes to developing apps on iOS, saving data locally to the device is deceptively trickier than it should be. Core Data has a very steep learning curve, and SQLite requires a lot of boilerplate code to become usable. Realm is a new database framework supporting both Objective-­C and Swift, designed to serve as a much easier alternative to Core Data and SQLite. This talk serves as introduction to using Realm – topics include defining object schema, persisting objects to disc, and concurrent access.

Tim OliverTim has been an avid fan of iOS since the time of the iPhone 3G, and has been working as a full-­time mobile developer since 2013. Presently, he works remotely for Realm out of Perth, and spends his free time working on iComics, his own personal app project.