Contributions and Comments

The AUC welcomes articles and reviews from students and staff of member universities. Some pages on our websites invite comments from students and staff of member universities.

Comments can be posted from within pages that invite comment. Other contributions should be sent to our Publications Editor at

Your submission of a contribution, or posting of a comment, is taken to indicate agreement with this policy. If you do not agree, do not submit contributions or post comments.

In this policy, ‘material’ means any article or other contribution submitted, or any comment posted.

Content and tone

This is a publicly available forum for members of the AUC community: students and staff of AUC universities. Please write carefully and courteously, as you would in preparing an essay or in professional correspondence.

Articles, reviews and other contributions should be relevant to the AUC’s focus on use of Apple technology in higher education, and particularly to sharing experience, insights and know-how. Comments should be directly relevant to the item to which they pertain. Be constructive.

Please write in English. We expect most material to adopt the usage of Australian English; New Zealand English is fine too.

Particularly, material may not:

  • infringe, or encourage infringement of, copyright or any other intellectual property rights;
  • be actionable under defamation law;
  • infringe, or encourage infringement of, the law;
  • misrepresent personal views as being those of the AUC, any AUC member university, or any organisation;
  • impersonate anybody; or
  • be inconsistent with the usual courtesies of university discourse.

Moderation and editing

The AUC may, but is not obliged to, edit material for clarity, consistency with expected content and tone including spelling and grammar, or for any other reasonable purpose consistent with the purpose of AUC websites and publications.

The AUC may, but is not obliged to, prescreen comments. The AUC reserves the right to remove any material for any reason it sees fit, and intends to do so with any material inconsistent with this policy.

Moderation and editing are carried out by the AUC Publications Editor and other AUC people authorised by the Chair.

Real people, own views

It is not the AUC’s intention to host anonymous contributions or comments. For context and accountability, please include, for publication, your name and institutional affiliation. You may, but are not required to, provide contact details as well. Please keep such ‘signature’ information brief: no more than two or three lines.

Unless material is explicit to the contrary, contributions and comments are taken to be the personal views of the author, and do not necessarily represent the view of the AUC, the author’s university, or any other organisation.


You, or the copyright owner, retain copyright in any material provided by you. Please do not provide any material for which you neither own the copyright nor have the permission, including acceptance of these conditions, of the copyright owner, to provide.

You grant the AUC an irrevocable, world-wide, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to do all acts comprised in copyright reasonably required in the course of using the material for AUC purposes, including but not limited to AUC websites and the AUC magazine, Wheels for the Mind. You agree that the audience may download, print, copy or format-shift the material for personal use, and may do other things as permitted by applicable copyright exceptions (including, where applicable, fair dealing and fair use).

If the AUC edits your material, you are granted permission to use the edited version as if it were all your own work, with the proviso that you may not grant exclusive licences.

Reporting concerns

If you find material on AUC websites which you think is inconsistent with this policy, please let us know by using the feedback form or by email.

Changes to this policy

The AUC may change this policy from time to time, but does not intend to do so retrospectively. When we do change it, we will publish a prominent notice to that effect at

17 February 2012