Material made available to you by the AUC is copyright.

You may download and copy, print, or format-shift, for your personal use.

You may also do anything permitted by applicable copyright exceptions including, where applicable, fair use or fair dealing.

For any other act comprised in copyright using material made available by the AUC, you must obtain permission from the author or rights-holder.

You are welcome to create links to our online materials. We ask that you do not do so in a manner that makes the material appear to be your own (for example, by embedding one of our jpegs in one of your web pages). We also ask that you do not link to material made available only to AUC members, unless your link is intended only for AUC members.

Some AUC content may be released under a Creative Commons licence or an Open Source Initiative approved licence ( Such content will be clearly labelled to indicate the relevant licence.

If you contribute material to be made available by the AUC, you retain copyright in your contribution. Please do not provide any material for which you neither own the copyright nor have the permission, including acceptance of these conditions, of the copyright owner, to provide.

Depending on context, you grant the AUC, implicitly or explicitly, non-exclusive licence to make the contribution available and to do the acts comprised in copyright reasonable to do in that context, including making backup copies and using third-party servers. You also grant those to whom material is made available permission to do the things reasonably done in their personal use of the material, including making backups and storing the material, for personal use, on third-party servers.

You may, if you wish, grant the AUC or anyone else broader permission through, for example, a Creative Commons or open source licence.

Please see also the Contributions and Comments Policy.

The AUC respects copyright and acts promptly to address any copyright issues. If material made available by the AUC appears to infringe your copyright or the copyright of a person for whom you are authorised to act, please write to the AUC Chair at, identifying the relevant material and rights-holder and providing your name, address and telephone number and any other information relevant to resolving the issue.

This revision adopted by Executive Council 22 April 2022