Presenter Support

If you require financial assistance to speak at an AUC event, we offer the following standard financial support levels in 2020. Note the caveats further down this page.

Speaker Base /dev/world
X World
New South Wales, ACT 350 250 350
New South Wales – Regional 450 350 450
Northern Territory 600 600 600
Queensland – South East 450 350 250
Queensland – Regional 600 550 450
South Australia 350 450 550
Tasmania 350 450 550
Victoria 250 350 450
Western Australia 600 600 600
International 600 600 600
  • All amounts shown are in Australian dollars.
  • For presenters who are also AUC individual members, or staff of AUC member institutions, the claim limit is increased by $250.
  • Individual members who both present at an AUC event, and take part in at least one AUC General Meeting in the same calendar year will receive a 50% discount on their next annual membership fee.
  • These amounts constitute a subsidy for actual costs, and are not intended to cover all costs of attending the event. Event registration is provided free of charge to presenters, and is exclusive of the support amounts detailed here.
  • Only one claim can be made per session. If a session is hosted by two or more presenters, only one subsidy amount is available.
  • Only one claim can be made per presenter. If a presenter hosts two or more sessions at an event, only one subsidy amount is claimable.
  • Claims for financial support may only be for actual, documented expenditure for
    • airfares
    • regional connections (such as connecting bus and/or train fares from regional cities to/from the airport of departure (eg Geelong-Melbourne, Wollongong/Newcastle-Sydney, etc)
    • accommodation
  • Financial support will not normally be paid for any of the following:
    • accommodation and travel outside the authorised days of the event;
    • incidentals and living expenses including meals, drinks, etc;
    • hotel phone calls, internet access, in-house movies, dry-cleaning, mini-bar, etc;
    • taxi cab fares to/from the point of departure or venue;
    • any component of travel and accommodation that is of a private nature;
    • per-diems of any kind (we only pay actual documented expenses);
    • car mileage allowances;
    • travel insurance;
    • all other expenses not wholly related to an AUC Event.
  • Financial support is not normally available for authors of refereed papers, posters or exhibitors accepted to the CreateWorld event. Exceptions can be made in cases of hardship, special need, and in the case of HDR students making submissions. Such exceptions must be agreed to by the Chair ahead of the event, and before the presenter has accepted the invitation to attend.
  • If you wish to make a claim for financial support, it can only be made after the event, no later than three months after the event has taken place, and must be in accordance with the AUC Claims procedures. Note that claims must be accompanied by supporting documentation – in most cases, this means a Tax Invoice, not a receipt for payment.

In certain conditions the AUC Chair may approve variations to these amounts and conditions on a case-by-case basis. Such variations must be agreed to by the Chair ahead of the event, and before the presenter has accepted the invitation to attend.