MDM – the Magic of Device Management

Carrie Irvine, NorthTecPart of XW17

MDM can be a scary concept, at times it’s a bit like trusting magical unicorns to do your bidding. Perhaps you’re considering implementing an MDM solution, have been burned by one in the past or have implemented MDM but haven’t unlocked it’s full potential yet. I’ll share how I’ve leveraged MDM over the past 5 years to improve student outcomes, and some of the issues I’ve encountered along the way to hopefully spare you some of the pain. I’ll take a look at how MDM has developed over the years and what it can do for us in tertiary education environments today on iOS, tvOS and macOS.

As part NorthTec’s Desktop Support team Carrie has been configuring and supporting Apple devices in a predominantly Windows environment since 2012. Being a relative newcomer to management of Apple devices has its challenges, but has made it easier for her to find a way forward amidst the paradigm shift from traditional device management to MDM. Carrie’s passion lies in automation, facilitating improvements to the user experience and supporting ongoing research into adoption of emerging technologies to improve student outcomes.