MDM – the Magic of Device Management

Carrie Irvine, NorthTec Part of XW17

The days of simply maintaining the status quo in ICT are gone. Since beginning our research into the use of iPads in teaching and learning we’ve embraced the rapid pace of change in technology and the management systems which facilitate this. With our vision to deliver an ICT environment that meets the needs of the Polytechnic today and provides for ways we want to work in the future we’ve had to challenge the mindset that being an early adopter of new technology is “too risky”. In just a few years we’ve gone from tried and tested manual processes to an agile automated environment making use of the latest device management technology. I’ll share how we’ve supported improved outcomes and provided a better user experience for our staff and students, while refining our deployment systems and reducing the support overhead of maintaining our Apple devices

As part NorthTec’s Desktop Support team Carrie has been configuring and supporting Apple devices in a predominantly Windows environment since 2012. Being a relative newcomer to management of Apple devices has its challenges, but has made it easier for her to find a way forward amidst the paradigm shift from traditional device management to MDM. Carrie’s passion lies in automation, facilitating improvements to the user experience and supporting ongoing research into adoption of emerging technologies to improve student outcomes.

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