Unity Workshops

Ever wanted to learn how games like Counter Strike and Quake worked behind the scenes? Ever wanted to learn how to take your own idea for a game and implement it? Ever wanted to learn how to write great games for platforms like the Mac, iPhone and even Windows? Well this workshop is for you.

This workshop will introduce participants to the fundamentals of game development using modern development tools. In this workshop students will develop an appreciation for the tools and techniques that make a great game. Some of the key game concepts that will be covered include Physics, 3D graphics, animation and audio.

While the focus of this workshop in on Game Development students will get hands on experience with a real game development platform known as Unity. Unity provides a modern integrated development environment (IDE) for 3D content development on the Mac OS X desktop platform. It allows developers to assemble 3D games and simulations using a flexible drag-and-drop environment, and a fully integrated scripting environment, based on the JavaScript, Python and C# languages. Users develop on the OS X platform, and can deploy native applications to all OS X platforms, Microsoft Windows, the iPhone and the Nintendo Wii.

If you are interested in developing great games, this workshop is an absolute MUST.