Cloudy with a Chance of OAuth

Nic Wittison, University of Tasmania

Audience: Intermediate


The time for the simple login is far behind us – web services today demand a more secure and reusable authentication method.  But with great security comes even greater obscure login flows.  OAuth is an open standard for authorising yourself to a service that provides a flexible way to interact among multiple services. This talk outlines what OAuth is, how it works and how to easily integrate it into your iOS app.  It will cover the process of connecting to some of the more popular social network services and even show you how to connect to a custom OAuth service so you can get to the data you need, hassle free.


Speaker Bio:

Having recently completed his Undergraduate Bachelor of Science at the University of Tasmania in Computing and Psychology, Nic is in the process of completing a Honours degree in the field of Human Computer Interaction. In his spare time he develops applications for iOS and works for Secret Lab as a Mobile Software Engineer.  He currently holds two Apple related scholarships with one being the prestigious AUC Student Developer Scholarship.

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