Feature Presentation: Creating Great Apps

Russell Ivanovic, Shifty Jelly

Everybody has ideas for applications they’d like to see built. With the rise of mobile development and the ease with which apps can now be distributed worldwide, the opportunity exists to do so. But what makes a great application? How hard is it to be an independent developer? Just how do you go about taking an idea, and turning it into a successful product? Through real world examples and amusing anecdotes Russell will explain all this and more. Who knows, you may even learn something.

Speaker Bio:

Russell co-founded Shifty Jelly 3 years ago from his couch, and since then they’ve had hits like Pocket Weather AU, which if statistics are to believed resides on 1 in 7 iPhones in Australia. Russell keeps changing that number every day, based on new data and the weather outside, so who knows, it might be 1 in 5 by the time you read this.


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