CSS Effects

Matt Gray, Australian National University

Audience: Intermediate


Learn how to use CSS effects on your website or web based app to give it more visual appeal.  We will touch on CSS 2D and 3D transforms, and combine them with transitions and animations in CSS.  New features such as keyframe animation timing will be covered.  We will also look at using CSS to detect which features are available on a given browser, so you can gracefully fall back to more simple pages for older browsers.  This talk is aimed at people who know some modern HTML and basic CSS, and who want to learn a few new tricks.

Speaker Bio:

Matt works at ANU as a research programmer in the College of Engineering and Computer Science.  He also serves time in the ANU Marketing office as a web developer and iOS programmer.  He has many years experience programming on Mac OS 6 through X, and more recently these little iOS things that everyone seems to have in their pockets.  Matt likes doing his web programming in Perl and likes to swear at PHP at least once a day.

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