Here and Now: Where am I? What is nearby?

Judit Klein, Auckland University of Technology

Audience: Beginner


The digital world is rich in media and enables us to see parts of other worlds we may othewise be physically isolated from.  But what about what is happening in our immediate environment that we might otherwise miss?  Learn how to integrate location awareness into your application and how to put geotagged web content such as photos or Tweets onto a map in relation to the user’s location using JSON and APIs, as well as tips on how to deal with the dynamic and unpredictable nature of mobile connectivity.

Speaker Bio:

Judit is in her third year of a Bachelor of Creative Technologies at Auckland University of Technology.  In her final semester, she is working on a self directed practical iOS development studio project.  Judit also holds a position as a staff member within the interdisciplinary unit, where she manages equipment loans to students and technical assistance, and has an upcoming role within the Center for Learning and Teaching at AUT – a role which involves providing resources for AUT staff and students who are increasingly using iOS devices and preparing for new interactive learning spaces that are being developed.

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