In and Out of Core Data

Anthony Mittaz, Queensland University of Technology

Audience: Intermediate


Core data is a really big and scary framework and this is often the reason why people never get to know it.  This talk will cover:

  • how to setup a project that uses Core Data and fetch and filter information (NSPredicate + NSFetchRequest)
  • the Core Data modelling tool and understanding how Core Data models work with properties and relationships and transformable types
  • how to generate Objective-C code for you Core Data custom classes with no effort and to your liking using Mogenerator
  • setting up automatic migrations or creating a custom migration to an existing data model when updating the model to a new revision.

Speaker Bio:

Anthony has over 6 years experience working with Cocoa – Objective-C, initially on Mac OS X, and more recently on iOS.  He is part of the Mobile Lab at Queensland University of Technology, and has recently been working for Sparrow – the alternative email client for OSX.

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