Mastering MapKit

Tim Nugent, University of Tasmania

Audience: Intermediate


This talk will cover the basics, and a few of the advanced features of CoreLocation and MapKit frameworks to use the location and map services provided with iOS devices. Starting with how to add maps into your apps and how to show and follow the user on the map, moving onto adding annotations and overlays for additional information, how to geocoding and display addresses. Moving onto how to do both foreground and background location monitoring, with different levels of accuracy, and finishing up with some some techniques to debug and test your apps.

Speaker Bio:

Tim is a UTas PhD student in the School of Computing and Information Systems, and his research area is awareness systems – systems that allow people to get an insight into what other people (and occasionally themselves) are doing. He is particularly interested in further exploring what use location has in promoting awareness amongst groups of friends towards the goal of task completion, and has a good knowledge of iOS development both from his own tinkering and from his university studies. For his honours research Tim wrote a custom MapKit and CoreLocation based app to try and enhance awareness amongst a small group, and has since refined and enhanced that application for his first round of PhD experiments. Tim presented at /dev/world/2010 on using and enhancing the MapKit Framework.

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