Feature Presentation: Storytelling With Software

Josh Anon, Pixar

Just as how buildings grew from just being a simple shelter against the elements to entire created experiences and how writing went from written laws to libraries of novels, software is undergoing a shift from being focused on utility to being about experiences.  While not immediately obvious, building software has come to have a lot in common with seemingly unrelated artistic fields, like creating a movie.  Josh Anon will discuss the growing role of telling a good story and providing an experience in software.

Speaker Bio:

Josh Anon is a San Francisco, USA resident and Northwestern University graduate who works at the intersection of art and technology.  He’s a camera & staging artist at Pixar Animation Studios, an award-winning freelance photographer, and a Mac/iOS developer.  He’s been writing software for OS X since Mac OS X 10.0 and has worked on a number of programs including Lightbox (the first professional image management tool for the Mac), Pixar’s digital storyboarding tool, and FlipBook (an animation program for iOS with over 2 million users).


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