An Introduction to the Bump API for iOS Applications

Zac Fitz-Walter, Queensland University of Technology

Audience: Intermediate


Bump is a service that allows two users to connect and transmit data to each other by ‘bumping’ their mobile devices together. Bump works in two parts, an app running on the device and a smart matching algorithm running on the Bump servers in the cloud.  Using the accelerometer the app can determine when a physical bump occurs and send that information to the cloud. The matching algorithm listens to bumps from around the world and pairs phones together that bump at the same time.

This presentation will provide an overview of Bump, explore how it works and provide an introduction to integrating it into your iOS application. We’ll work through developing a simple Bump application in Xcode that covers creating a Bump session, transmitting data to another phone and then terminating the session.

Speaker Bio:

Zac is a Phd Student, tutor and guest lecturer at QUT.  His achievements include the award of a Student Developer Scholarship from the AUC in 2011, an APA scholarship for PHD studies and a top up scholarship for PHD studies from the Smart Services CRC in 2012.

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