The Power of Delegates

Neil Gladwin, Queensland University of Technology

Audience: Advanced


In Objective-C, memory management is often seen as an annoyance and delegates are misunderstood and rarely used, yet delegates are one of the most powerful advantages Objective-C has over many other programming languages.  In this presentation Neil will walk you through the basics of delegates and how they work, and then show you how to build upon the basics so that you can couple their full potential with advanced memory management to get the most use out of the smallest amount of code in your Cocoa Application.  Although this will be demonstrated in the context of making secure network connections to custom authentication systems, the concepts in this presentation can be applied anywhere.

Speaker Bio:

Neil Gladwin is a Web Systems Developer at Queensland University of Technology. One of Neil’s key projects has been the development of QUT’s iPhone App, which has been used by Apple in University demonstrations.  He has expertise in MapKit, security and Web Services, which are key components of QUT iPhone Apps.  His work with QUT Mobile, other Apps in use at the university and iOS development helped Neil secure a place at WWDC 2010 and 2011 via the AUC scholarship program.  Neil’s expertise outside iOS includes web development, PHP and Java and he has a Bachelor of Information Technology from Griffith University.

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