Designing User Interfaces for iPhone and iPad Apps

Graeme Salter, University of Western Sydney

Audience: Beginner/Intermediate in Interface Design


An important part of the Apple design philosophy was revealed in one of their latest commercials – “when technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more delightful, even magical”. The best iPhone and iPad apps are those that are based on the way users think and work.  This session will focus on the design and marketing aspects of app development. It will look at tips as well as best practices in interface design and prototyping techniques.

Techniques for coming up with a unique or great idea for an app will be followed by strategies to refine the idea, review the design options and arrive at an app that people will appreciate and want to use. User experience guidelines will be outlined including the different expectations between devices.  Marketing is another essential ingredient in successful apps. Even apps developed for in-house use on a not-for-profit basis require marketing strategies, if only to secure development funding from managers. Strategies for promoting ideas as well as final products will be examined.

The overall aim of this session is to add design and marketing skills to your repertoire, so that you can combine it with programming and development knowledge in order to come up with apps that will ‘delight’ your users.

Speaker Bio:

Graeme is a Senior lecturer and Head of Program for the Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology at the University of Western Sydney.  He is experienced in iPhone app development, and is the Unit co-ordinator for Human-Computer Interaction.

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