Arek Dreyer

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Arek Dreyer is a Chicago, USA based author, courseware developer and computer consultant, expert in Mac OS X and directory services in Mac OS X Server. He is an Apple Certified Trainer and Apple Certified System Administrator and has been delivering system administration training for Apple Worldwide Training and Certification since 2002. He maintains expertise in Microsoft Windows and UNIX based environments, particularly Sun Solaris, Mac OS X has become his preferred platform, and he enjoys the challenge of heterogeneous networks like integration with Active Directory.

He has been a presenter at the Macworld Expo conference on many occasions and presented at X World in the past.

He is is the author of many books including; Apple Pro Training Series: OS X Lion Support Essentials; Apple Pro Training Series: OS X Lion Server Essentials and his new book on Managing iOS Devices with OS X Lion Server.

Arek will be a feature presenter at X World 2012 as well as run a number of workshops.

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