Supporting Apple using Best Practice at Faculty of Education @ UoA

William McGrath, University of AucklandPart of XW12

This presentation is on best practice techniques that the Faculty of Education at the University of Auckland is delivering to users this year to ensure quality of service and to improve security of our fleet. The presentation aims to inform those who are in the business of informing key decision makers of their options when deploying Apple technology in their departments, and making their Apple devices EQUAL citizens to their Microsoft counterparts. Topics covered include:

  • Mac OS X’s FileVault 2 technology
  • Securing iOS devices using Profile Manager (or potentially any other mobile device management solution) to ensure devices follow University policies and are set up (correctly) to use the wireless networks provided by campus
  • Deploying Active Directory and Profile Manager together
  • Security Best Practice for SOEs
  • Securing our Server fleet

The presentation will allude to the changes that have come to us thanks to centralization of IT, for example, our Exchange mail services moved centrally this year, and we used Profile Manager to make the changes to user’s profiles so that they would use the correct server after the migration. This may include a demonstration of how simple the changes were to implement.

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