Puppet for Developers – “Intermediate” SOE

Christian Unger, University of Queensland

This workshop is intended to bridge the gap between developers & system
administrators and deals with intermediated SOE focused topic, with the
goal of supporting the full development framework used by developers
through the use of Puppet.

It covers:

  • Leveraging your SOE to help other teams in your organisation;
  • Puppet to assist in the deployment and maintenance of developing
  • projects;
  • Managing “complex” Puppet installations
  • Creation of a real fact;
  • Leveraging Puppet’s programming features.

Coverage also includes

  • Pitfalls arising due to the different goals/needs of software developers
  • and system administrators;
  • Providing a more rapidly deployable kickstart environment;
  • Implementing a disaster recoverable SOE infrastructure;
  • Manual failing over between Puppetmasters; and
  • Implementing/upgrading a Puppetmaster that uses Passenger.

The primary basis for the software used is CentOS 6.2 with the SOE being
Enterprise Linux. There is also a strong focus on leaving SELinux enabled.

This workshop expands on my other workshop “Building a Standard Operating
Environment on Linux”, however it stands largely alone. Never the less the
two workshops should ideally be attended in sequence, with much of the
example code being extended from the first workshop. The concepts apply to
Linux/Unix or OS X, however the primary technical focus remains on Puppet.

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