Web-based iOS Configuration Management

Tim Bell, Trinity College, University of MelbournePart of XW12

As Trinity College’s use of iPads has grown from a small pilot study, to a medium sized cohort of students, and now a forecast 600 students and 100 staff this year, we have steadily improved how we manage the configuration of those iPads.  The presentation will briefly recap the evolution of iPad configuration management at Trinity, and look at existing solutions that are available.  However, the majority of the presentation will cover our Django-based web application.  It allows IT staff to prepare a configuration profile using iPhone Configuration Utility and upload it to the web app; students then authenticate to the web app with their LDAP credentials, and download a profile directly on their iPad over wireless, customised with their own account settings for email, wireless authentication, etc.  The presentation will include how to set up the Open Source web app for use in your own institution, as well as a quick demonstration of the app.

The technical fields the presentation will cover are the structure of an iOS configuration profile, Django and its use on a Linux or Mac OS X server, and the configuration installation process on iOS.  The intended audience is IT administrators with responsibility for iOS device configuration management for staff or students.

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