App UI Usability

Alex Motyka, Univeristy of Sydney

When Apple announced the iPhone they turned everything we knew about the mobile user experience on it’s head. The iPhone and it’s radical gesture based touch screen user interface was considered 5 years ahead of it’s time and it lead to most radical shake up of smartphone industry ever. But did they get it all right? Many of the emerging standards in mobile user interface design and user experience/interaction are considered by some as almost self evident and natural but are they really? This talk will go through common and emerging UI/UX conventions and highlight what works and doesn’t work for the average user based on the findings of numerous usability studies performed by Neilson Norman Group.

The talk is intended for anyone interested in making usable native apps and/or mobile web apps that won’t confuse users. Participants will be taken through examples of apps and mobile web apps that work well and don’t work well. Areas covered will include button design and icons, gesture based navigation, task-flows, list design, forms and much more.¬†The talk will have examples of web and iOS UI/UX design with a few Android examples thrown in for good measure.

This talk only requires a basic level of mobile and iOS programming knowledge.

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