Hot Knife Through Butter: How to achieve smooth scrolling in UITableView

Jimmy Ti, Queensland University of Technology

Track: iOS; Audience: Intermediate

The iPhone was revolutionary for its use of direct manipulation – its great user experience comes from the feeling that you’re really holding the content in your hand and manipulating it directly with your fingertips. While many mobile platforms have touch, it is the realistic physics and fluid animation of the iPhone that sets it apart from its competitors.

UITableView is the corner stone of many iOS apps, and how well scrolling performs in UITableView will, in many cases, make or break the experience of an iOS app. In order to provide the best experience to the users, we should always treat 60 frames-per-second animation as a priority.

This presentation will discuss about common issues that causes jerky scrolling animation in UITableView and what are the strategies we can apply to achieve buttery-smooth scrolling in UITableView.

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