Programming for Mobility

Judit Klein, Auckland University of Technology

Track: iOS; Audience: Beginner

We live in an age defined by mobility; the iPhone and iPad not only enables us to be more mobile, but also offers us new ways to engage with each other and the world around us. This talk looks at exploring what this means for creating apps when dealing with devices that are simultaneously context aware and independent. To be context aware means that the device knows where it is and how it is being held and moved. To be context independent means that the user is no longer tethered to any one physical location.

This talk will introduce how to integrate location awareness and working with the CoreLocation framework. Looking at the bigger picture, learn how to harness the potential of being context aware: go beyond simply knowing where the user is and use that information to enhance user experience.

However, it’s a scary world out there and there are some key things you have to take into account when dealing with a platform that is inherently mobile; to be context independent means providing the same user experience regardless of where they are. This talk addresses key considerations for when your app goes out into the real world and has to dynamically deal with changing environments.

Aimed at beginners, introduces some code but also look at the underlying functionality, bigger picture implications and overall best practices.

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