Designing for iOS 7

Paris Buttfield-Addison, University of Tasmania

This session will take a whirlwind tour of the new visual design of iOS 7, discussing how, why, and where developers and designers should update their apps (and build new apps). The session will cover everything you need to get started designing and building for iOS 7 from a design and user experience perspective.

Attendees will:

  • come away with an understanding of what’s changed, and why it changed
  • explore the design language and iconography of iOS 7
  • learn and re-learn he components of iOS (7)
  • learn how to bring their iOS 6 (and earlier) apps to iOS 7 from a design perspective

This session will be entirely programming-free.

Paris is co-founder of Secret Lab Pty. Ltd., leading production and design efforts in the mobile game and app development space. A frequent speaker at conferences, workshops and training sessions, Paris enjoys discussing engineering, product development, design and other facets of the mobile and game development worlds.

Recent conferences include Apple Australia’s /dev/world/2012 in Melbourne (and 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011), a keynote at CreateWorld Brisbane 2010 (and a speaker in 2009, 2011, and 2012), IxDA’s Interaction 11 in Boulder (March 2011), XMediaLab Location-Based Services in Malmo, Sweden (January 2011), tutorials and sessions at OSCON 2011, OSCON 2012, OSCON 2013, and presentations at, and many others.

Paris is the co-author of the books ‘iPhone and iPad Game Development For Dummies’ and ‘Unity Mobile Game Development For Dummies’. The books cover game development on mobile platforms such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices in languages/frameworks such as Objective-C, CocoaTouch, Open GL ES, Unity, C# and JavaScript. They also cover game design techniques, principles and patterns. Recently, Paris released ‘Learning Cocoa with Objective-C Third Edition’ for O’Reilly, covering iPhone and Mac development. Paris is currently working on the ‘iOS Game Development Cookbook’ with O’Reilly.

Paris is a highly experienced software developer, product and project manager. Key experiences include Objective-C/Cocoa on the Macintosh and iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad platforms, Java on Blackberry and Google Android and C# on Windows Mobile. Open GL ES and Unity are also favourites.

Paris recently spent 2 years leading Meebo Inc.’s mobile strategy; Meebo was one of the world’s fastest growing consumer internet companies and was acquired by Google in 2012. Paris is currently working on his next book, also with O’Reilly, whilst working towards the completion of his PhD in Human-Computer Interaction, focusing on the iPad (at the University of Tasmania)..

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