Flushing crAPI libs

Tim Nugent, University of Tasmania

A large number of iOS apps are designed to be a nice interface to a large and complex backend and the means to creating theses apps is the API. Unfortunately it seems that most people can’t make a good API if their lives depends on it, and as the developer you are left in a nightmarish marsh of poorly structured data and confusing method calls.

To make matters worse the built in iOS tools for handling APIs only make the situation worse.

This talk covers using third party libraries AFNetworking, GCDAsyncSocket and RaptureXML to make easily getting the data you need into your app so you can focus on making it great.

Tim has been working on his PhD on mobile awareness at University of Tasmania for way too long and in his spare time writes iOS apps to pay the bills. He likes to pretend he is a giant eel in human form and wastes way too much time designing games no one will ever get to play.

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