Getting out of treble with Instruments

Sebastian Beswick, Art Processors

Memory management is a crucial part of app development. Apple moved a large part of this burden from the developer to the compiler with the introduction of ARC (automatic reference counting), but a solid understanding of memory management is still a key tool in every developers belt. This talk looks at using Instruments to diagnose memory issues in apps, common gotchas to be avoided, and how ARC simplifies many of these problems.

Sebastian is an iOS developer at Art Processors. He graduated with honours in computing at the University of Tasmania in 2012, researching ways of using artificial intelligence techniques to vastly improve the availability of sound synthesisers for musicians. Sebastian spoke on computer audio, sound synthesis, and computer music at /dev/world/2012 and Create World 2012 after receiving AUC and Apple scholarships to attend WWDC 2012.

Art Processors are a Melbourne based startup that provide innovative mobile content delivery solutions for museums and tourist sites. Their groundbreaking location aware tour guide app “The O” has allowed over 900,000 visitors to the MONA museum in Hobart access to a plethora of historical and interpretive information about nearby works, while allowing artists and curators the freedom to display their works without constraint.

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