Give it a REST: Reactive iOS UIs with Meteor’s DDP Protocol

Justin Marrington, University of Queensland

Meteor is a pretty fantastic modern JavaScript framework, but we can have a little slice of Meteor and make much more dynamic web-data driven UIs in our iOS apps by taking advantage of the Distributed Data Protocol that drives Meteor.

DDP is a reactive alternative to traditional REST-based web services that binds web data to your user interface elements via Pub/Sub messaging. This session introduces DDP as a REST-alternative, and walks through using ObjectiveDDP, the iOS implementation of the protocol, to build a simple app with a fully reactive UI.

Justin studied and worked as an RA in the University of Queensland’s small but fanatic Interaction Design program. He loves iOS and the open web, and is always looking for ways to finally being these two worlds closer together. Justin is currently building high tech law enforcement software, but most of his spare time is spent on his one true love: making iOS apps and complaining about bugs in the developer betas.

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