Leveraging Web Developer Experience for iOS Development

Richard Deveraux, Charles Darwin University

This talk delves deeper into some of the concepts covered in the 2012 CreateWorld talk Web Development for Programming ‘Dummies’ including new workflows and technologies that I have been exploring with a focus on how it can be used to make apps through Phonegap. It will detail the process from compiling, to testing and publishing to the App Store. Using the Bootstrap framework as a base, attendees will also learn how to make reusable UI components using a combination of JavaScript (jQuery) and CSS3/less for use in responsive web applications that require little to no effort to implement. It is recommended that attendees have some experience developing for the web to get the most from this talk.

Richard has been coding since high school with multiple programming languages at his disposal including Flash/Actionscript 3, Java, PHP, HTML/CSS and Javascript. He currently works as a professional web developer & designer while working towards publishing his own games on multiple platforms including iOS and Android.

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