User Experience Design for Hyoomans

Nic Wittison

Users are terrible at using apps. They make mistakes, press the wrong buttons and touch everything in the wrong order. The interesting challenge for developers is making sure users don’t notice how terrible they are by crafting resilient, intuitive and non-offensive app experiences.

This talk gives you a run down of why User Experience Design should matter to your project and why it’s important to think about it BEFORE you open Xcode.

It covers the basics of User Centred Design and User Testing as well as highlights some of the common usability traps people fall in to when developing apps. By the end of the talk you should have an understanding on how to approach the creation of new interfaces and how to iterate and design Hyooman proof apps.

Nic has an Honours Degree from UTAS in Human Computer Interaction and has been developing iOS apps for the last three and a half years. He has several qualifications including but not limited to: emails, sending emails, receiving emails, deleting emails, the web, using mice, clicking, double clicking, the computer screen of course, keyboard and the bit that goes on the floor.

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