iOS High School

Melanie Tarr and David McMeekin

David McMeekin and Melanie Tarr began an iOS development course at a high school in 2012. The course has grown in strength since then and just published its first app on the app store.

The first part of this talk outlines the pitfalls and advantages in coordinating a high school iOS program, including guidelines for other developers considering this, and where the program should ideally fit within a tertiary/secondary environment.

The second half of the presentation is about coordinating a mentor development team, the challenges and success the mentors faced, and how to overcome those hurdles, followed by a brief outline of the app development process for the first app published.

David McMeekin is a software engineer who is currently a research fellow and lecturer at Curtin Uni. David is still unsure as to what he wants to be when he grows up but currently is enjoying research in the area of semantic web and search for the real time delivery of spatially enabled data.

Melanie TarrMelanie Tarr began working at ECU too long ago to mention now, and supported the engineering department as the Mac support engineer for four years. She then moved to Macintosh technical support for WAAPA, managing all of its IT support for two years before having her first child. She is now a PhD student (ECU), and believes digital literacy includes coding and has seen that high school children are capable of this.


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