Making a Joint with SpriteKit

Richard Deveraux, Charles Darwin University

After seeing Jonathon Manning make a working platform game in less than a hour last year at /dev/world, I was really intrigued to try out SpriteKit for myself and finally make a game idea I’ve had in mind since my first /dev/world 2 years ago. It’s not finished, but it was my first real native iOS app that was built using a framework, which was so new at the time that there was hardly any guides or tutorials for it other than Apple’s bare-bones documentation. At the end of the day I wanted to be able to fire an arrow to cut a rope and release a key, all governed by the physics engine built into SpriteKit and hopefully to be able to toss a few bombs around too…

Richard DevereauxRichard has been coding since high school with multiple programming languages at his disposal including Flash/Actionscript 3, Java, PHP, HTML/CSS and Javascript.

He currently works as a professional web developer & designer while working towards publishing his own games on multiple platforms including iOS and Android.

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